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With the constant stream of different information out there regarding the state of the planet, it can be hard to know who to trust & what to believe...

That's where we come in.

#MotherNatureIsABabe is here to educate, inspire, & create positive environmental change.

We've done the research to show you what "Eco-friendly, Sustainable, & Responsible" actually means.

By shopping on our site you are voting for a better future for our planet & supporting a positive change for our environment.

We are a family owned small business. We don't have a board of directors or shareholders. Why are we mentioning this? Because we don't waste time dealing with corporate BS & we cannot be compromised in our fight towards improving the planet.

We donate a portion of all our profits to worthwhile causes and environmental charities. Click the links below to find out more!

Bamboo Cutlery Set Natural Bamboo Hair Comb Sustainable Bamboo Hairbrush Stainless steel pegs 'Free the Nip' Hybrid Eco T-shirt

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Making a difference

We donate a percentage of all profits made to charities that we feel are doing their part to effectively and positively help the planet.

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Socially Ethical

We look after our workers! All of our suppliers follow strict labour guidelines to ensure fair treatment of workers & protection against exploitation.

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Responsible & Sustainable Practices

We source only the most eco-friendly & sustainable materials to ensure our products won't negatively impact the environment.

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