Eco-Friendly Flying Tips!

Eco-Friendly Flying Tips!


Flying is one of the worst forms of transport for the environment, and we highly recommend considering a different mode of transport to get you to your destination before booking your ticket.

However, sometimes it is unavoidable. Whether for work, time constraints, or because your destination is overseas and there is no other option. We’ve compiled a list of tips to remember when flying, to make it as eco-friendly as possible.

1 – Only fly when you absolutely have to!

2 – Offset your emissions when you pay for your flight. Some of the better airlines offer this feature. If not, you can manually offset and pay a fee through

3 - Book with airlines that have a good sustainability program and are trying to reduce their plastic use.

4 - Try to fly direct instead of having multiple layovers.

5 – Bring your own blanket, headphones, reusable cutlery sets, water bottle, and even your own food or snacks to reduce the plastic that all of these things come wrapped in.

7- Consider fasting during your flight and refuse all snack and meals.

8- If number 7 sounds a bit too extreme for you, consider pre-ordering a vegan or vegetarian meal.

9- Don’t accept complimentary snacks if you don’t need them. That packet of mini salty pretzels, or that complimentary tea or coffee. It contributes to unnecessary plastic waste.

10- Hand back anything you don’t use and make of point of telling the cabin crew that it is unopened and not to throw it in the bin.

We hope you find these tips useful.