Sustainable Easter Ideas!

Sustainable Easter Ideas

With COVID-19 sweeping the world, it's hard to know if we are going to be able to celebrate Easter with friends and family. In times like these, we all need something to look forward to and to bring us hope.

If you are unable to celebrate with extended family, hopefully you will find some joy in spreading some Easter love with your closest family that you've been isolating with. For family that are a little further away, you can connect via an online platform like zoom or messenger. If you’re feeling a little lonely this Easter during your isolation, why not try connecting with a new friend via the web who might also be feeling the same during their quarantine, or check-in with your neighbours.

To keep everyone's spirits up during this tough time we’ve made a list of things you can do to keep the Easter spirit alive, and in a sustainable way.

  • Make your own at home plastic-free Easter egg treats. How about creating some chocolate bark or some raw slices? To keep them plastic-free just shop at your local bulk food store.
  • Buy plastic-free. If you buy chocolate eggs make sure they are wrapped in aluminium, not plastic. If you can buy fair trade, organic and palm oil free. Check bulk food stores or health food stores.
  • Hard boil eggs instead of plastic toy eggs. You can colour eggs with vegetable dye rather than food colouring or plastic packaged dye. See photo references for colours. Such a great activity to do with young kids. Just make sure you buy organic free-range eggs!

Naturally dyed easter egg ideas

  • Sustainable Easter egg scavenger hunt. Use plastic-free eggs or even hard-boiled decorated eggs from the last tip. Write clues on recycled paper and keep the kids entertained as they work their way through the clues!
  • Reuse old egg baskets and bunny ears from previous years. If you already have plastic egg baskets, toys and deco from previous years, then take care of them so you can use them over and over. But if you need to buy new, buy quality ones that are made from natural materials and will last for years to come!
  • Purchase quality plastic-free decorations. Instead of plastic grass to decorate your egg basket, what about recycled shredded paper? Decorate the house with wooden decorations or repurposed items instead of synthetic materials.

Plastic free easter ideas

  • Keep all aluminium wrappers! Consumed all of your delicious aluminium wrapped eggs? Make a big ball with all of the wrappers, making it easier for the recycle sorting machine to pick it out from the rest, or get the kids to help flatten them out nicely and keep them to wrap your homemade treats next year!
  • Consider doing a plant-based Easter. I know Good Friday usually consists of eating seafood (if this is something your family does, we encourage you to buy local, from a sustainably caught source). However, changing just one of your meals to a plant-based option can benefit you, and the planet, in so many ways.
  • Vegan Easter eggs. I know that dark chocolate isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, particularly little ones, but there are more and more vegan chocolate brands doing really great white and mylk chocolate types now. They might cost a little more than your traditional milk chocolate eggs, but they’ll be appreciated even more.
  • Focus on making traditions, Instead of giving material gifts and promoting unnecessary consumerism, how about you make a family tradition, or give the gift of experiences instead of presents.
  • Remember and respect other beliefs and traditions. This one doesn’t cost a thing. Spread the kindness and love everywhere, irrespective of you or your neighbour's religion or beliefs. We are all human beings and should treat each other as friends.

Wishing you all a safe, happy, & sustainable Easter from the Mother Nature Is A Babe team! x