Tips for a Waste-Free New Years party

Tips for a Waste-Free New Years party
Tips for a Waste-Free New Years party
Hosting a party? Use what you already have to decorate! Or possibly find it in a thrift store? Disco ball? Fairy lights? Great! Don't go and buy unnecessary decorations just for one party... Even better, ask some of your neighbours or friends to bring some of their own decorations along!
Get thrifty with your outfit! Use what you have, borrow from a friend or hit up the thrift store! If you're headed to a fancy event, consider hiring a dress or tux, instead of buying one that you potentially may never wear again!
Shine on – with our biodegradable eco-glitter, you disco babe! Made from plants so it won’t harm the environment!
New years eco glitter eyes
Say no to plastic glassware, cutlery and crockery! Hosting at your place? If you don’t want all of your best stemware getting broken, you've got a few options available. Contact a catering or events company and rent glassware and crockery for your event. Or head to your nearest thrift store to buy some cheaper, non-plastic alternatives. Sure it will mean a bit of washing in the morning, but it’s better than all of that plastic going straight to landfill and staying there FOREVER!!! Remember that biodegradable or compostable options are better than virgin plastics, but a reusable is always the best!!
Go plant-based! Nibbles? Bubbles or a wine or two? I'm sure! Lots of wines use animal products to be filtered. Check to see the V sign on the label (in Australia). Cheese platter? There are so many alternative vegan cheeses nowadays to make a stunning spread all from plants! When purchasing produce for your platter, try to buy products that aren’t wrapped in plastic- a great excuse to head to your nearest bulk food store or farmers market!!
If you’re celebrating at a bar or club remember to tell the bartender; “no straw please”. You’ve got your Mother Nature is a Babe bamboo straw in your purse!
Cleaning up the morning after? Hopefully, there’s not too much waste, but for what there is, try to purchase biodegradable bin bags, instead of virgin plastic ones! Also remember to recycle all the empty cans and bottles, and if you have too much leftover food, please donate to your nearest homeless shelter.
Remember to have a fun and safe New Years party. Look after each other, and the environment!